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Ted Ganio was captured on camera at the October 2013 Mountain Hardwear reunion speaking with Chris Strasser.  Go there for the complete interview. Meanwhile, here is how Ted got started: 

Ted Ganio [1:08 mark]: So in 1994 I became a retail buyer for Adventure 16, and upon being hired as the buyer for outerwear and equipment, my boss told me, “By the way, we’re buying these new brands products because they’re friends of ours.” So I was one of the first charter buyers for Mountain Hardwear. One of the first 12 retail buyers of the brand in 1994. Now, part of the reason for that was because the actual chair I was sitting in at that moment was the same chair that Mike Wallenfels sat in as a retail buyer, two people before me.

Doug: Sounds like some mojo to that chair.

Ted: So it turned out I’d been following Mike for most of my career because I went to Sierra Designs after Mike left Sierra Designs to go to Mountain Hardwear, and then I left Sierra Designs to go to Mountain Hardwear, so yeah. That’s how it all started.