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Doug: Now, how did you happen to end up at Mountain Hardwear?

Daniel Soto: At Mountain Hardwear? I was working at the climbing gym.

Paul Kramer: The court said that if he got a job that…

Daniel: They will release me if I got a job. No, I was working at the climbing gym at Berkley Ironworks around 2000, and Sean MacDevitt who used to work at Mountain Hardwear used to be a customer at the gym and he was – as everybody knows – the most friendly person in the world. And he was like, “Hey, you can have a job opening if you want get out there.” But then I was like, “No, I’m fine, I’m good.”

And then like two weeks later I was so fed up that I was like, “Do they still have the job?” And he’s like, “Yes.” So I went for the interview with Kent Laak when he was the warranty manager.  And then Sean like for a week later was constantly, “Give him the job, give him the job, you said you’d hire him. You should hire him.” So they hired me and I was there for nine years, that’s where I was and I had to put up with him. And you taught me how to play ping pong.

Paul: Yeah. And that was the best thing.

Daniel: Yes.