Testing Tents on Mt Washington

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Martin Zemitis talks about his experience tent testing at Mt. Washington. 



I'm trying to catch the details and then I'll add a brief trip description here. The purpose of this story is to provide a anchor point for all related stories. 

PR Video: http://outinunder.com/content/sierra-designs-mt-washington-tent-test-pr-video
Martin's Commentary: http://outinunder.com/content/martin-zemitis-tent-testing-mt-washington

1st Trip - (November 1991? The PR video talks about Nov 1991)

On the trip, from Chris Lathrop: I was on the first SD one with Mike W., Danny from Easton, Martin Z, Bill Sterling,  the young guy that was working for Peter Burns, pretty sure Wagner was there, but don’t believe Barry was on that first one. 

  • Paul Kramer
  • Martin Zemitis
  • Danny Richardson
  • Chris Lathrop
  • Bill Sterling
  • Tim Luxenburger
  • Mike Wagner

2nd Trip - (1992?) Barry, Melissa (last name?)

  • Paul Kramer
  • Martin Zemitis
  • Barry Schrimsher
  • Melissa 
  • Bill Chandler?

3rd Trip? I was assuming there was only 2 but Paul says there were 3.



I remember these trips as a significant inflection point at the revitalized Sierra Designs of the early 1990s. It benefits were significant. First, they caused significant revision of most aspects of our mountaineering tents. Second, the camraderie generated on the trips (which included cooperation working under genuinely adverse conditions) was noticeable. The stories that returned were good. I remember Paul Kramer with ugly frost bite in a small area on his face where his scarf slipped away from his googles and Barry and Melissa's tale of her getting hypothermic and him forcing her to continue hiking up the mountain...a 'fun stroll' turned dangerous by the mountain's extreme conditions.

Here's the official video from trip 1.