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A highly regarded designer and product engineer who started his career at Trailwise in the 1960s and worked at a number of the outdoor industry's most respected companies. Martin Zemitis points out that Phil is one of the very few folks in the industry that can design tents, sleeping bags, and clothing.

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Henry Gruchacz - First Days in the Outdoor Industry 05/05/17 09/21/17 HenryGruchacz
“Out-Back” Compact Campfire Grid 03/20/17 05/24/17 PhillipScott
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Cagoule Reboot 2013 02/07/14 08/26/14 PhillipScott
Phil Scott on Cagoule History 02/07/14 09/18/14 PhillipScott
Cagoules Rule 02/07/14 03/30/17 adminzard
Eating Your Boots: George Rudolf, DMC, and Pivetta Boots 01/13/14 02/11/16 PhillipScott
Sierra Designs Staff Photo 1985 09/19/13 03/27/16 GeorgeMarks
George Rudolf and Phil Scott Engage in a Covert Act of Kindness 09/18/13 02/11/16 PhillipScott
Kimiyo's Sushi - Potlucks at Sierra Designs and Mountain Hardwear 09/11/13 08/20/16 AlanTabor
Martin Zemtis, Devon Brown, and SlingFin - Mountaineering Tent Testing and Design 08/09/13 05/11/17 AlanTabor
Martin Zemitis on Tent Design Essentials and Trade-offs 08/01/13 09/21/17 MartinZemitis
Sierra Designs Employees in 1993 or so...perhaps late 1992 11/13/12 02/22/17 adminzard
Al Tabor - Halloween 1993 08/10/12 09/11/17 AlanTabor
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