Moss Catalog 1992


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Dave nelson (not verified)
I have a moss tent and canopy

I have a moss tent and canopy never used. Would like to know more about it.

mike domrzalski (not verified)
bought a stardom III in 1989

bought a stardom III in 1989 and nicknamed it the bomb shelter
When pitched properly it just did not budge. Went through storms in that tent and nary a drop of water inside. Retired it 2003 for an MSR tent half the weight. MSR 's were just not the same quality. Circumstances prompted me to pull the Stardome out of the closet this summer and to my surprise it's still in great shape. The fly was a bit sticky but airing it out with some ozone took care of that. It will be recoated with waterproofing and put back into service this fall. My son love the shape and has been informed that he will inherit one of the best tents ever made.

Allan Edwin (not verified)
I bought myself an Outland in

I bought myself an Outland in 93 and like you nicknamed my tent my portable boulder. It was rock solid for my backpacking, bike packing, and paddling adventures for many years. My son, who is 7 years younger, asked for and received it. It's still going strong for him.

To replace it, I got an MSR Elixir 2 that has seen continual use for the past 4 years. I kayak year around and my tent sees over 100 nights a year in the field. Lighter? Yes. Faster to pitch? Yes. As durable? No.

Luckily I found a Moss Starlet on FB marketplace in great shape.



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