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Victor's Winter Solstice Poems

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Victor Ichioka's Winter Solstice Poem 2013

For me, a favorite part of the yearly cycle at the Mountain Hardwear office was when Victor came  with his Winter Solstice, er,  Handout (for want of a better word). When Victor told me he had most of these in a file, I jumped at the chance to add them here. It turns out I had some in my file that he didn't! (None of his had coffee stains, though:-)

I've added them all into a slideshow here.

The images don't do the project justice. They fail to communicate the quality of the paper, of course, but it was also difficult to capture the image properly. After trying my scanner on a variety of settings and an app called Google Photo Scan, the best results came from simply taking photos of each sheet. That was not without challenges. I apologize for my tendency to list in one direction or another. Hopefully the sentiment and inspiration still comes through!


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