The Totem: George's introduction to 1970 Sierra Designs catalog

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When it came time to do the review of the 1970 Sierra Designs catalog, I was a bit mystified, as there is no date or sign of when it was made. The only real clue is the cover photo; one of Bob’s taken in Vancouver. I later verified it with him as dating from1970. There is also no logo to be seen, only the name of the company. I am not sure what was meant by this, but it did not continue in this way.

This year saw the introduction of the 3-Man tent, a tent that never got a name other than that which endured for several years—until it was changed to the 3-Person tent. A politically correct name, as the director of catalog sales by then was a woman, Jean Nagy.

Notes: we're on a treasure hunt for the missing pages—stay tuned!  The handsome fellow in the balaclava is Leo.  And kudos to Al Marty for the great artwork — Doug


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