Sierra Designs Staff Photo 1985

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Al, here is a new staff photo taken in 1985. You might be able to identify some of the people here easier than in the old catalog photo.

  1. Sharon Lloyd
  2. Chuck Hettlinger
  3. Micheal Bradley
  4. Roberta Hernandez
  5. Gail Ross
  6. Barbara Lucas
  7. Lauri Holmes
  8. Bob Swanson
  9. Arela Beary
  10. Charles Chiu
  11. Frank Tehan (right?)
  12. Santos Lam
  13. Tony Allen
  14. Mrs Huey
  15. x
  16. Phil Scott
  17. Reba McWhorter
  18. Alan Tabor
  19. Betty Chisholm
  20. Fred Levitan
  21. George Marks
  22. x
  23. Steve Langmaid
  24. Whitney Parker
  25. Bill Ellsworth
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Al, here is a new staff photo taken in 1985. You might be able to identify some of the people here... Read Story
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Bob Swanson (not verified)
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Al et al..... Love reading your collections on all the Outdoor companies and the amazing people. Thanks for all your loving work. Best, Bob

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