Sierra Designs at Industry Trade Shows: Conversational Rigor

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 Years ago the SIA show wasn't the Snowsports Industries of America show but rather the Ski Industries of America show—the big trade show held every March in Las Vegas. As the show grew larger, it incorporated more and more companies catering to the the outdoor business. And so it was George would rent a motorhome, stock it with recreational drugs, cases of booze, and head to Vegas with Peter Langmaid and others. Once there, they actually took time out from partying in the Las Vegas Convention Center parking lot to attend the show a few steps away.

One memorable afternoon, I was trolling the aisles, myself long gone from Sierra Designs and off on a journalistic career, when I noticed George in a exhibitor's booth in what appeared to be an earnest conversation with some company's marketing person. On seeing me, George yelled at the top of his voice, "Woodward, get me out of here. This person is the most boring individual I've ever met."  I tried to make light of it and escorted George out of the hall laughing all the way.

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