Sierra Designs Catalog 1969-70: Transcendance

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The first of many disruptively creative catalogs put out by Sierra Designs, 1969-70  featured president  David Buschman's life-illustrative letter from the Himalyas, not your cookie-cutter marketing pitch.  

Also evident are photos of George and Bob during times of facial transformation.  

This time boasted a very full and successful product line, sold not only at Berkeley headquarters and by mail order, but also by a network of established dealers around the country (see back cover) 

The still-young company was jumping at 4th and Addison in Berkeley close by the San Francisco Bay, with a burgeoning staff of about 30, and landmark status among international visitors. 

Since you've read this far, can you please help identify the unknown woman standing next to Bob? Is it Dawn, and if so, what's her last name? 

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