Sierra Designs 1971 Catalog: What a Crowd

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By now we were growing in size. The inside cover photo of the 1971 Sierra Designs catalog shows us in force. It had some negative reactions as we were revealed as we were, free spirits and not very conformist. In fact we were viewed by some as a bunch of dope-smoking drug-addled hippies. Some people actually returned the catalogs as unwanted.

Those were times of great social changes and we were certainly caught up it them. It was also the time when we were being pursued by those who would acquire us. In fact this day the CML Group principals were there and I invited them to join in the fun, but they declined. It was not too much longer after that when we sold the company to them. A decision I have to this day still some regrets. But then perhaps I would never have come to my Asian adventure, which continues.

George Marks—February 29, 2004

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