Rowan Jimenez at Mountain Hardwear

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Rowan: Well, let’s see; I started my humble beginnings like early 2000.

Doug: What were you doing before you worked at Mountain Hardwear.

Rowan: I was a climbing bum, a musician—a touring musician and climber. That’s sort of kind of how I fell into Mountain Hardwear. I walked in there one day and they needed somebody to repair poles, so…

Doug: A lot of poles needed repairing.

Rowan: Yeah, exactly. So I started working as a pole repairer maybe like about 12 hours a week and slowly increased my hours. I worked with a couple of nutty guys there, and eventually about ten years into it I moved up the ladder. I ended up working at Mountain Hardwear for about twelve years, and my last two and a half years there I managed their warranty department. So I started from the very bottom, you know like that song “started from the bottom now but I’m here, started from the bottom now I’m here”—that was it, sure start. Now II’m no longer there but still love the brand!

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