Roberta Hernandez - Halloween 1993

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Roberta: It was very kind of nerve-wracking that day with a lot of anticipation what was going to happen. Were we going to carry on at Sierra Designs, were we going to venture off and start this new company? I was nervous. It was Halloween, we were having a Halloween party and normally I’m dressed up for Halloween and I always have a costume on and I remember that day I did not have a costume, very unlike me to not wear a costume. I just remember that day not wearing a costume and just sort of sitting there with anticipation to find out what was going to happen next.

Interviewer: So did you turn in your resignation immediately after Jack turned in his?

Roberta: I didn’t. Jack did invite me into his office when he came back and offered me the position and one of my first initial questions was, “How much financing do we have?” I had just purchased a house and so I was a little nervous about that. And I think the question I asked was, “How long can we go without making any money?” To kind of determine how safe I felt. And he told me we had a year that we could maintain and I was on board. I did not give my letter of resignation that day, what I told Jack was that I wanted to stay a week to help my manager through what I felt was going to be a very trying time for her and the department and just the business as a whole. So it was a week before I went over, but after work every day I went over to 9th and Gillman and worked with Jack on setting things up over there.

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