Potter Reunion maybe 1965 - date and location TBD

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Potter Family Reunion Service

Full size scans of photos are here.

Potter Family Reunion Service detail

Potter Family Reunion Service detail

Potter Family Reunion Service detailPotter Family Reunion Service detail

1 Gordy Fosness
2 Chuck Schone
3 Larry Schone
4 Wes
5 Leone
6 Bud Hoffer  (Pat is behind him in the trees, she has no number)
7 Julia
8 Sonia Padgett
9 Bob Suelflow
10 Clark Hllton
11 Bob Padgett
12 Carol Jean Fosness
13 Cile Suelflow
14 Gwen Schone
15 George Potter
16 Bea Potter
17 Alta Padgett
18 Herb Padgett
19 Tom Hoffer
20 Marjean Potter
21 Sonia Schone
22 Underwood Hilton
23 Gretchen Padgett
24 Lous Hilton
25 Kari Padgett
26 Jamie Schone (?)
27 Steve Suelflow (?)
28 Irene Potter
29 Lynn Potter
30 Molly Hoffer
31 Herb Hoffer
32 Paul Potter
33 DeeAnn Potter
34 Beth Suelflow
35 Katy Hoffer
36 George Hoffer 

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Sonnie (not verified)
Hi AlandAll,, thanks for
Hi AlandAll,, thanks for the nudge. In the top photo, the little boy labeled #3 is actually Jaimie/Jim Schone, I think. Larry is peeking out between Lois Hilton and Irene Potter. Gwen is pregnant - I remember that top! - so, with Marcie / Marsha, who was born 11/11/1961. So this must have been summer of '61. Where . . . can't tell ya. I'll work on it.
Sonnie (not verified)
Again the top photo - I think
Again the top photo - I think the guy labeled as Bob Suelflow is actually Ray Beck, Julia's husband. I can't find Bob - maybe he's taking the picture? And I think I see Pat Hoffer peeking out behind Julia Beck and standing next to Sonia Padgett. Also - this could well be taken at Newton Hills State Park near Sioux Falls. The Ray Beck crowd went there often. It's true there are no Tom Tabors in this one, so it can't be near Madison, and if it were in Indiana, that crew would surely be there.

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