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What's this all about

Simple. If you like a story or are appreciating the site, please donate.

We've placed a Share a Beverage panel at the bottom of very story. Click it to open the donate panel.

What will happen?

  • If you buy a beverage for the story's author, we will chase them down and buy a round. (Please let us know who's getting the beverage in the PayPal comment field.)
  • If they are no longer with us or hiding out somewhere, we'll hoist one in their honor at the next appropriate opportunity. 
  • If you buy a beverage for the site, we may just rathole the money and use it to pay server costs...but hoist one in your honor!
  • If there's enough activity we'll try to make beverage delivery into an event...perhaps a Berkeley get together at Brennan's or something at OR.

You'll be alerted to any beverage delivery events!

Want to donate now? Scroll down.

Thanks much.

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