Mountain Hardwear Employees Through the Years

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Who is Mountain Hardwear?

You! We've discovered a lot of interest in photos of early employees (to get a feel for the founding) and in photos that chronicle the change through the years. This story will thread the photo stories together.

Founders, Investors, Early Employees and Reps

The first 10 (or 20?) employees/founders are:

  1. Jack Gilbert
  2. Paul Kramer
  3. Ingrid Harshbarger
  4. Mike Wallenfels
  5. Paige Springer
  6. Alan Tabor
  7. Clareanne Knittel
  8. Roberta Hernandez
  9. Chris Clark
  10. Helen Li
  11. so help me out here: who are the next 10? Martin, Phil, Bill & Tree, Kent? It all kind of blends together for me.

The Early Investors

  1. Utah Group - John, David, Ian Cumming.
  2. California Group - Founders plus Hans Jones and Don Clemenson

The First Reps

  1. Barry Schrimser
  2. Chris Lathrop

Group Shots through the Years

We've got a shot of the founders at the beginning and pictures from Paul's retirement party in 2006. Now all we need is the space between and the 2nd decade and everyone's names<g>. Somebody help me!

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