Mountain Hardwear Employees - 2008

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I've been grappling with our collective loss of memory. Co-workers from the 70's and 80's remain vivid in my memory but I couldn't dredge up their names to shout out and save them from being hit by a bus! I'm determined to make sure that pattern doesn't repeat with Mountain Hardwear folks. Here are departmental photos from Paul's Retirement Party. You can see the full photo set in larger form here.

Please help me out in the comments where I've missed last names and such. My next step will be to work the bottom photo for folks that got missed in the departmental shots. Feel free to add names there and I'll add them in after I work through that and add some numbers to help call folks out.

Top row
1. Jan Horn
2. Crystal Ramos
3. Mike Roth
4. Cathaline Zarate
2nd Row
5. James Cooney
6. Chris Clark
7. PK
8. Idalina Mendoza
9 Janis Baker

10. Cynthia Chappelle

Dealer Service
Top Row
11. Mark O'Keefe
12. Daniel Soto
13. Joe Ehrlich
14. Laua Wheat
2nd Row
15. Debbie Galvan
16. Andy Van Amson
17. Suzanne Mentz

18. Derek Mitchell

Top Row
19. Sean McDevitt
20. Erik Hammerschlag
2nd Row
21. Martin Zemitis
-- pk
22. Chris Hilliard

Top row
23. Tim Metz
24. Amanda Kawamura
2nd Row
25. Tim Shoaf
-- pk
26. Rosie Andrews
27. Maureen ?

Left to Right
-- Martin
-- Roberta
-- PK
-- Chris
28. Mike Wallenfels
29. Alan Tabor

Top row
30. Chris Strasser
31. Joy Gray
32. Devin Swisher
33. Matt Schoonyoung
34. Nancy Eisen (in a previously undiscovered role?)
35. Ryan Hodgkin
2nd Row
36. Victor Ichioka
37. Jennifer Slaboda 
-- pk
38. Phillis Grove

Top row
39. Yau
40. Linda
41. Wendy He
42. Nikki
43. Jason Lee
2nd Row
44. Helen Li
-- pk
45. Anna

Left to Right
46. Terri Sofinski
-- pk
47. Carlos Toste
48. Jay Bishop

Top row
-- Cynthia
49. Juliann
2nd Row
50. Roberta Hernandez
-- pk
51. Christina
52. Ramona Wilson

Top row
53. Adrian Mateo
-- Jason Lee
54. Jason Roeder
2nd Row
55. Keith
-- pk
-- Nancy Eisen
56. Alex Baires

Top row
58. Lott Bonner
59. Mark Perrilliat
60. Kao Hinh
-- pk
61. Dre Saunder

Here's the full group. The next task is to pick out anyone not also captured in the department photos. You can find a larger format version of this photo on the site as well. Just click a few times to get the photos as big as possible.

Paul Kramer Retirement Party - Full Group


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MZ (not verified)
Hi AL!
Hi AL! My spelling needs to be checked but hope this helps. MZ 2, Crystal 4. Kathleen Zarata sp? 14. Laura Wheat? 51. Christina (Roberta's neighbor)
Hello administrator, Your posts are always well-written and easy to understand.

Your comments are loved and appreciated.

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