Mountain Hardwear 20th Anniversary Party

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October 2013 saw two Mountain Hardwear Anniversary Parties. One was new school, one old school.

The official celebration at the Craneway in the Ford Point building was catered with a hosted bar. Topher Gaylord and Jack Gilbert gave appropriately honorific speeches. Mike Libecki gave a restrospective slide show of his sponsored trips.


The next night was potluck, BYOB, no speeches but animated conversation and lots and lots of stories.

Both were big fun.


I could very much use more photos. The images below are from footage Doug shot mostly of folks telling the story of how they became involved at Mountain Hardwear. There's additional footage from soon as we can find the tape<g>.

All collected photos are here:

Video Clips

Chris StrasserTed Ganio Loren Sartain, Tim Metz, Gaston MacMillanMark OKeefe, Mark PerrilliatNancy EisenJennifer SlabodaJulie ONeilRoberta HernandezMike Wallenfels

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