MHW OR Basecamp BBQ - Summer 2001 (part 2/2)

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Part 2/2 of the Mountain Hardwear Crew at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2001. Mountain Hardwear showcases it's next line of tents, sleeping bags and pads at its Basecamp BBQ. 

Mike competes with the burgeoning BBQ crowd to introduce the 2002 Gear Line.



A lot of things have changed in our tent line. The first thing you’ll see sort of by looking at your work books is that the organization of the tents has changed, which is also showing a little bit of change in attitude about how you’re going to present and also sell tents on your sale floor.

We’ve created a category in our tent line that we call Expedition Tents, where you have tents that have mountaineering style features, four season features in them and they start out with a tent that’s been in our line with the Night View, going all the way through Trangos, Trango 3.1 all the way through Trango  4.

The next group we have what we call Backcountry Tents. Backcountry tents are a new designation for us. Sometimes that’s where most of you would find three season tents being, we have three season tents and we have convertible tents in the Backcountry Line. The Backcountry Line is meant to be for those customers we consider to be in the classification of enthusiasts.

The next thing is that the colors of all these tents have changed. So the entire Backcountry Line now has wasabi colored flies. The canopies are all the same colors as well as all the floors are now midnight as opposed to the gray that you saw on the mountaineering tents, on the expedition tents. So now we have a color theme running through this whole category.


Some are arranged to be more roomy. But actually the shoulder girth many times isn’t more roomy than a regular money bag but it’s roomy at the feet. This would be one that truly have wide shoulder area and foot and [many have?] the Quantum Expander. Probably the biggest change when we look at the synthetic bags in all the Dimensions; Fifth, Fourth, Second and T Third is that we looked at our pricing and also went from 160 down to 150.

People that are out there doing mixed weather conditions, sometimes are going in just Tarps like Kiva  or maybe sometimes they’re using snow caves or maybe they’re finding that they’re sleeping directly out on the ground in areas like here and in the Rockies we get a lot to dew but you are not necessarily be sure to have rain.

A lot of people are traveling with top shelter. If you’re traveling with a top shelter you need to have more weather protection kit in your bag. And as long as it’s not $425 the customer is willing to buy that as an add-on sell. So that’s where the Conduit SL Bivy fits in the great line up for folks as well as the [?].

Sleeping Pads.

Sleeping pads, real fast, there are lots of features built into our pads. Here as you can see right behind the hood zipper is this netting sleeve. Netting sleeve is a built in pillow pocket. You basically take your vest or your jacket, slide it into that sleeve, zip this close and you’ve now integrated a pillow into your sleeping pad that isn’t going to squirt out to the other side while you’re sleeping on it overnight.

The next thing is that –there are pad companies that sell cuff-link kits, so you can basically strap or lash two pads together. All our pads come with barrels and loops so that you can link the two pads together, top and bottom and that space is consistent across the entire line so you automatically [?]. A lso you don’t have to buy stuff sack because you roll them up, the exterior waterproof materials that have actually been taped and then you have strap already at the bottom so they’re ready to go.

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