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Introduction to OutInUnder: Mountain Hardwear Living History Project


Introduction to OutInUnder: Mountain Hardwear Living History Project

OutInunder is a storytelling website.

The stories we tell are a fundamental part of how we understand and define ourselves, our culture and the world about us. Stories can restrict our horizons or blow our minds.

And stories are inherently social. When we sit down with friends or connect with someone new we end up trading stories. There is plenty of opportunity for superficial communication on the web. We push against the limits of 140 characters or a status post by adding photos, hashtags, links, or embedded sound and video.

This is an experiment to use stories as the basis of communication and, hence, deepen the conversation. I am using one of my favorite stories...the start of Mountain seed content to work on the sites features and structure. Here is a sampling of that content selected to provide an introduction to a great company.

It's the story of the 8 of us who quit our jobs and started a new venture and what came after. Being there since Day One has given me some perspective but my story doesn't trump yours. Your Mountain Hardwear story also has a Day One. I'd like to hear about it.

The site is just emerging from alpha into early beta. Some things work, some things will fail in unpredictable ways. Some things are done with smoke and mirrors. (Ignore the man behind the curtain.) Feedback is greatly appreciated.

I've assembled some selected content in two forms: book and 'brochure'. This is the book. The brochure is here.

Yes, children, 'stop the presses' news bulletins once went out by fax.

SNEWSFLASH 11/5/1993 - Sierra Designs Walkout

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