Martin Zemitis on MHW's founding.

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Martin's perspective on why Mountain Hardwear was started.


Hey Amy. This is Martin.

I thought of one real good comment for your interview or for your project and that was why sort of Mountain Hardwear got started.

Basically the reason it got started is that crew was tired of working for absentee owners that were changing their mind and as to  what their goals are and what they wanted employees to do and they wanted some independence to be able to make great gear and without being interfered with by the absentee owners who thought they knew the outdoor industry better but really  didn’t have a clue as to what was going on.

 So anyway, I just wanted to add that that is a really important part of the mix, that’s the whole reason it got started because we were tired of working for MBAs who didn’t know how to make anything and who are just ruining businesses and they wanted to dictate their own future by making a putting knowledgeable people together and by, you know, letting them work unencumbered on making some great gear. And that was the philosoply of the early days and the reason they got into it, cause they didn’t want to work for a bunch of corporate absentee owners.

So anyway there you go. That’s all I want to add.  


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