The Lost Zemitis Tapes: Schnoofa Culture Pt 1

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Here are two tales of schnoofa from Derek Mitchell. This footage is from the Mountain Hardwear F02 Sales Meeting held in Yosemite in early December 2001.

[Al's note: Martin has lots of footage. I could have focused on our arrival at the Awahnee and the opening dinner. There's great footage of how we all looked in 2001 and sales meetings were the time when the whole organization showed up in the same place at the same time. 

Or I could have first posted some of the serious or educational moments from the sales meeting sessions.

Instead I've decided to focus on a neglected and often misunderstood aspect of Western European culture. And who can resist youthful hijinks.

It's possible that this content will only be of interest to folks actually in the video. On the other hand, I'm not in it and I think Derek's 2nd tale of the schnoofa delivery machine (with caps sound-effects) stands on its own merit!]

(Editors Note: there's some background noise but it seems fine to me; maybe try headphones or earbuds if it's not clear on your speakers. Words I want in the story so I can find it: snuff; snoofa)


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Jennifer Slaboda (not verified)
This looks like Timberline
This looks like Timberline Lodge - that was a fun sales meeting!

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