Jennifer Slaboda at Mountain Hardwear

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My story couldn’t have happened without some key people who believed in me – Jeanne Wallace, Jeff Bowman, Joe Campisi, Mike Wallenfels, Paul Kramer and Jack Gilbert. 

I had marketing in my blood with my grandfather and father both owning ad agencies, and that’s what I pursued (starting at Mullen and Polartec).  But over time I discovered the importance of working with great people and having fun.  Company culture is key – and Mountain Hardwear had a great one.  I could feel it the first day I interviewed in 1997, because I learned I didn’t have to prove myself by wearing a business suit.  My supervisors and coworkers trusted my ability, which allowed me to take risks and do things that I never imagined (like taking a crap at 12,500 feet on Mount Rainier).  Because of Mountain Hardwear’s product, people and culture, I believed in the brand and was able to communicate it authentically to customers, athletes and the media. 

It was the best job I’ve ever had. 

Other co-workers connected with my story are: Jamie Tipton, Victor Ichioka, Joy Gray, Loren Sartain, Phyllis Grove, Julie O'Neil, Chris Strasser, Devin Swisher, Martin Zemitis.

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