Hundreds of Little Pins: Ingrid Harshbarger's Attention to Detail

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A question by Herb sparked a series of testimonials to Ingrid's design triumphs and her meticulous attention to the details of fit and performance. The fixed cameras stayed on the interviewer and interviewee but Martin captured the action.

Apologies to Paul. He's not that pink in real life. I did some color correction and will revisit this sequence as I learn more. I might even learn how to do transitions that aren't jump cuts some day.

I tried adding captions to identify the off-camera voices but it looked way to fussy. Here's the list with time stamps, though.

  • 0:00:00 : Herb - Ingrid's most famous design?
  • 0:00:10 : Mike - ever or at MHW?
  • 0:00:12 : Jack - Grizzly Peak
  • 0:00:15 : Martin - Mountain Light
  • 0:00:20 : Jack - Grizzly Peak
  • 0:00:22 : Mike - Grizzly Peak died
  • 0:01:05 : Roberta - Windstopper
  • 0:01:08 : Al - what I told Herb...
  • 0:01:27 : Mike - her attention to details...
  • 0:02:40 : Chris - you're right about the fit...
  • 0:02:48 : Al - except for me, because...
  • 0:02:57 : Roberta - Absolute Zero Jacket
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