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How Tom met Ann

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Tom Tabor and Ann Austin wedding photo



Wendy: Did you meet Ann in a class?

Tom: Economics.

Wendy: In economics. Gotcha.

Tom: There were about three of us in the back row of this boring economics class.

Terribly boring

The guy was a...

Wendy: Miserable teacher, eh?

Tom: He was a smart guy. Knew economics but he couldn't teach it worth a damn!

So, for the first six weeks we all tried to take notes and keep up with this guy. Ann was the better of us at doing that. There were two other people I [heard]. [???? ????]

And we started bringing lunch!

The [???] to class instead of trying to pay attention. Ann was still taking notes.

Wendy: But you were working on the social aspect.

Tom: So that's where we the back row of...I say that's all I ever got out of that class.

Wendy: That's pretty good.

Then the class was worth it.

Tom: Yeah.

We managed to pass for some reason.

Wendy: Did you manage to pass because of Ann's notes?

Tom: I don't know. Probably.













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