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Golden Corral...Las Vegas...circa 1984

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Nancy Eisen gave me your email address and has notified me you're building some history around famous food fights from the day in the Outdoor Industry. The one you may be researching in Las Vegas in 1983-84 was epic and I have some information that may be helpful. I was the organizer of the annual LL Bean/TNF dinner and Mr. Gilbert was our fearless leader with the checkbook on hand.
Additionally there was an annual gathering at a hole in the wall Mexican joint: El Sombrero where multiple flying food battles occurred with some of the same but quite different audience participation...REI guys, Goretex guys, TNF and somtimes Paragon, A16, Bob Woodward was the catalyst, Don Banducci of Yakima, Paul Kirwin, Salomon guys, Bruce Franks...on one occasion someone went into the kitchen and got hefty trash bags and we cut hols in them and made food fight cagoules.
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