George Morgan's Alpenlite Pack

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George commented that his Alpenlite Pack, purchased in 1975, is going strong and the greatest pack ever.

I asked for photos. George sent some, "Several shots over 3 different trips.  I've been using this pack for the past 42 years -- just got back from a week long trip doing the PCT near Tahoe.  It just keeps going and going."


Alpenlite Pack in action - 2018

Alpenlite Pack and George Morgan - Yosemite 2013

George Morgan and Friends

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Joe (not verified)
I just bought an orange
I just bought an orange Alpenlite that appears to be this same version off Facebook marketplace. I’m really excited about it, although it has a good bit of mildew and it seems like it hasn’t been cared for that well in recent years. Any tips on cleaning this up and making it trail ready? Do I need to re-treat the fabric with anything after I give it a good scrub? Thanks! Joe
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