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This was our first catalog, 1966/67, some months after we opened our doors in October of 1965. During the previous months we had managed to create a huge amount of product, from garments to sleeping bags to tents. A monumental undertaking that still leaves me wondering how we did it all in such a short time. Something like six months. We had little time for other activities, although we did manage to make a trip Wyoming where we called on one of our early dealers, John Horn of Powder Horn Mountaineering. The cover photo is a drop out of the Grand Tetons.

On the trip our Japanese Toyota rover broke down as we were crossing the deserts of Nevada. Bob managed to buy an old station wagon kind of car that burned almost as much oil as gas. Crossing the Great Salt Lake salt flats, we left a huge trail of smoke behind us as we continued on with the journey. On our way back we sold the car back to the mechanic who had managed to fix the broken down Toyota rover, a car that David Buschman had loaned to us for the trip. This catalog was only 2,000 copies. Some years later I managed to get this one for my collection from Reba who had written her name on it.  George Marks

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like those old school hi contrast graphics
Fun images!

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