Favorite Products: Al Tabor on the Chill Factor Vest

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Al Tabor with Chill Factor Vest and BeerAl Tabor with Chill Factor Vest and BeerThe Chill Factor Vest was part of my everyday uniform through much of the late 90s.

I like vests. The weight to warmth ratio is usually good. I tend to feel warm if my torso and feet are warm. Vest take care of half the problem. The Chill Factor Vest had a good level of insulation for coastal northern California...too warm for heavy exercise but just right for strolling or hanging out in an climate that's often foggy and a bit cold.

The Chill Factor Vest had a feature that subsequent product has lost: horizontal pockets!

My son, Griffin, was born in 1995. I was generally toting him. You can stash a baby bottle in a horizontal pocket. The more recent slant pockets don't allow that. Having a bottle close at hand while doing other tasks was key and it solved the problem of where to set the bottle that can't get gritty in an outdoor environment with no raised flat surfaces available (say a beach).

Or a beer. A beer sits quite nicely in the pocket. As long as you remember not to lean forward and pick something up off the fire, you're golden.

When I saw the slant pockets moving out to conquer all garments, I picked up a spare Chill Factor Vest. You see me wearing it here.

Groffom Walsh with Chill Factor Vest and Beer


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