Extreme Design - The Ebola Bag

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Ebola Containment Bivy

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I designed an Ebola Patient Isolation Unit for Kokatat and Isovac and a company on the east coast specializing in selling to the government's Patient Isolation Unit.

I needed to design, source and develop a bubble boy style tent perhaps better termed a big bivvy sack.

It needed to be 100% made in the USA, needed windows, air ports, and iv ports. It had to be able to be drug through 10 feet of glass, and be able to pass their bio test of a class 4 pathogen dabbed on the fabric and not leak.

The main fabric, Gore Non-Air-Permeable, is around $65 a yard. It's not like Gore-tex; it's weird stuff.

The interesting design problem was how to design a bivy sack to contain a class 4 pathogen (a fragment of RNA), let someone breathe, make it idiot proof, and be made of entirely Berry Amendment compliant materials...

To get the shape I needed, I used Delran solid rods that I heat formed.

Ebola Containment Bivy

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