Don't Buy Sierra Designs - 1984

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One thing I've wanted included among the stories about Sierra Designs was the battle around the decision to close the factory in Oakland, CA and the formation of the Rainbow Workers Collective.

Rainbow Workers - Leonor Rodriquez, Cora Adorable, Betty Chisolm, Lai Ying Lee, Ruth PereiraA web search turned up very little material. I found a few pages in a book by South End Press and an article from the archives of the LA Times. Then I discovered that an old acquaintance, Susan Schacher, had worked on the worker's campaign and had a file of articles and materials!! I'm not going to try and tell the story myself but hope that I can attract tales from folks that were more centrally involved by featuring some of her trove.

(Pictured right are Rainbow Workers - Leonor Rodriquez, Cora Adorable, Betty Chisolm, Lai Ying Lee, and Ruth Pereira)

Leading things out is a flyer that, if I remember correctly, was created to pass out at an informational picket at REI Berkeley.

A complete set of the transcibed scans and related stories is located here.

Thanks to Susan for the scanning the original documents!

Don't Buy Sierra Designs Flyer - front

Don't Buy Sierra Designs Flyer - back

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