Dear Sierra Designs

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(George Marks recently sent me a higher resolution scan of the 1971 Catalog employess spread. One plus was that the full text below the double page photo spread was visible. I thought it was prescient enough to be worth retyping and appeneding as a commentary. It follows:)

Dear Sierra Designs --
For the past several summers I have had the pleasure of hiking through the souther Sierras by trail and cross country. I know he range and love it.
The last two years I have been in some of the remotest areas--well away from the trail system at elevations in excess of 11,500-12,000 feet.
I write this to qualify what I am about to say. The Sierra Nevada is being rapidly plluted by people who either innocently or maliciously leave their garbage and open sweres, wash with soap in the lakes and streams, etc. I hvae seen toilet paper and soap suds in East Lake, tin foil on the summit of Mt Brewer, and garbage everywhere. Soon the water will be unfit to drink--it already is at Rae Lakes. The remoter areas are also being clutter by garbage and crap, open sweres and managled snags, etc.
This shouldn't come as a suprise. Most of the damage is done by the ignorant--those who don't understand that aluminum doesn't dissolve--that the earth is a limited system. You make some of the finest equipment and are in a position to inform these people that either they treat the earth with respect or sone the whole range will be nothing more than another polluted human disgrace.
Please enclose in your equpment a small pamphlet explaining the need to:
  1. Pack out everything (foil, orange peels, cellophane,etc.).
  2. Not cut living trees or mangle beautiful snages--there is plenty of down wood; sufficient to cook with.
  3. Never was with soap in the steams and lakes
  4. Use biodgradable soap
  5. Never throw food in the water--the fish do not eat it. Instead it rots and pollutes.
  6. Make your toilet deep, buried, and away from camps and water.
  7. Never bury garbage. The animals do dig it up.
I am sending similar letters to all companies I can find. I think so highly of your equipment that I especially hope you will agree with my sincere suggetions. Either we act now to educate the naive (perhaps lazy...etc) or there will be no more clear water, uncluttered earth, etc, in the Sierra, Cascades, Wind River or anywhere else.
Chuck Bale
Aspen, Colorado
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