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From the Closet of Dr John Bouman: Tents!

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The North Face early tents : A Conversation 9/16/2015

[See our walkthrough of the Oval Intention for a deeper look at one of these tents.]

John Bouman:

I finally setup all my tents and had a couple of questions that I don’t know the answer to and maybe you could help?

Early TNF tents - including VE-24 & VE-25

I have the VE24 wedding present tent, (far left), that has snow tunnel windows. I seem to have 2 fly sheets that seem to fit, this one has the snow tunnels


but the other one has this, the first time I have seen a fly sheet with a pole.


This may be to something completely different? Anyway I ended up with quite a mix of poles and parts and lots of Easton arrow shafts.

Mark Erickson:

The flysheet with the pole is for a VE-25 I believe…that model came out just after I left TNF, so I’m not sure if the VE-25 tent body is any different than a VE-24, but I don’t think it is…it should fit your VE-24, ‘cept  it’ll cover the snow tunnels…

Amazing collection of TNF tents by the way!

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