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From the Closet of Dr John Bouman: Tents!

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The North Face early tents : A Conversation 9/16/2015

[See our walkthrough of the Oval Intention for a deeper look at one of these tents.]

John Bouman:

I finally setup all my tents and had a couple of questions that I don’t know the answer to and maybe you could help?

Early TNF tents - including VE-24 & VE-25

I have the VE24 wedding present tent, (far left), that has snow tunnel windows. I seem to have 2 fly sheets that seem to fit, this one has the snow tunnels


but the other one has this, the first time I have seen a fly sheet with a pole.


This may be to something completely different? Anyway I ended up with quite a mix of poles and parts and lots of Easton arrow shafts.

Mark Erickson:

The flysheet with the pole is for a VE-25 I believe…that model came out just after I left TNF, so I’m not sure if the VE-25 tent body is any different than a VE-24, but I don’t think it is…it should fit your VE-24, ‘cept  it’ll cover the snow tunnels…

Amazing collection of TNF tents by the way!

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Peter Lucchini (not verified)
The VE25 fly will fit but it
The VE25 fly will fit but it does not have the snow hole ports like the VE24 only a zipper to open the fly as the VE25 has a back door. The vestibule pole on your fly fits into the extra grommets on each side of the front door steak out points making an arch. Then you pull the vestibule out and steak the front to the ground.

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