Camp 7 Made Amazing Gear

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When the 5th or 6th comment appeared on a Camp 7 story about how folks still love their gear 40+ years later, I thought I best pull them out into their own story. I'll try and keep this updated as comments roll in.

Kim, 12/20/16

My husband has a Camp 7 jacket that still looks like new that he found 35 years ago in a chicken house. He washed it and has worn since!

Paul, 1/30/17

Still have mine that I bought in '74 and wear it to work outside in the winter. Great coat and nothing beats it for warmth

Samuel, 10/10/17

I have my mother's 1978 Camp 7 sleeping bag. She used it to travel the world then, and between 2015 and now i have as well. Still works perfect and is in incredible condition given how hard it has been used over its lifetime. The stories it could tell.....

Stephen, 11/17/17

I just spent a weekend at Yosemite, comfortable in the 30 degree morning temperatures in the Camp 7 parka that I've had since 1979.

Dennis, 11/25/17

My wife and I bought our Camp 7 sleeping bags shortly after we were married in October of 1972. These bags are made incredibly well and both of our bags still look brand new. They bring back a lot of good memories when we did a lot of backpacking back in the day.

David, 1/20/18

Mom bought a Camp 7 down parka in 1979 for a ski trip to Tahoe. I wore it all through college, '90-94. Just pulled it out for a trip up Mt Shasta. It's as good as it ever was - it may outlive me!

Oggi, 3/11/18

In 1976 I passed my Baccalauréat and my dad rewarded me with a Camp 7 down jacket in preparation for the summer in the Parc National des Ecrins! The jacket is still in good condition 42 years later! 


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Mike McDonald (not verified)
I hear you Brother. Our
I hear you Brother. Our purchase in the way-back has stood the rest of time!
david (not verified)
In the fall of 2001 I was
In the fall of 2001 I was living in Fayetteville AR and went running on a Friday afternoon and saw a camp 7 down bag in the ditch in someone's yard. The next Monday I saw it was still in the ditch and decided that I would make better steward of it so later that night my buddy and I drove over to see if it was still there. Sure enough it was so he threw it in my trunk. Nice bag, has kept me warm snow camping in oregon with ice on the outside of it.
Jeff (not verified)
I have a Camp 7 down bag that
I have a Camp 7 down bag that I've used since I was in grade school in the early 1980's. I am not sure when my dad got it or anything else about the bag except I always thought it was -15 degrees. My dad probably bought it from Campmor in NJ. That's where we bought all our gear when I was a kid. I've been using the bag now for over forty years. It's spent many cold nights on the AT and though I have lighter bags and quilts these days, I still use it for really cold trips in the Sierras now. I can't believe its still in such great condition and has maintained it's loft. My bag is black exterior and light grey interior. It has a black, yellow, and white draw string and a pocket at the head for a pillow.
Nick Nikolaiczuk (not verified)
I still wear (and love) my
I still wear (and love) my Camp7 down vest , purchased in the late 70's. Used primarily for x-country skiing and as a layer on cool days in Canada. I'm 80 now - maybe I'll be buried in it ? Thanks for a great lifetime product !


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