Buckminster Fuller at The North Face - Ingrid's snapshots

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Ingrid's daughter and son-in-law, Ina and Chris, have passed off a box of photos and clippings that Ingrid saved. Here's her snapshots of the Bucky Fuller event at The North Face in October 1977. Having heard tales of it over the years from a wide variety of people, I can testify that it had a significant impact on the folks involved and the history of tent design. We were, of course, already using designs inspired by his thinking but having him show up and talk was an inspiration, it seems, to everyone who heard him and beyond.

I'm hoping some of the folks pictured, particularly the tensergrity guys, Bruce and Martin, can help me fill in details about the folks in the photos, the date, agenda, and so forth.

Full sized versions of all photos are here.

Current tensegrity sites by designers inspired by R Buckminster Fuller and this event:
Martin Zemitis: http://tensegrity.com/
Bruce Hamilton: http://www.tensiondesigns.com/tensionalities.html


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