Billy Bob Story #001 - Ganja

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This story of drug misadventures is from the early 70s.  Our ingestor, we will call Billy Bob.  It was the early 70s and Billy Bob and 9 other youths rented a large van in the Midwest to go to Washington for an anti-war march.  They left their college town in the late afternoon.  Between the ten youths, there was a significant amount of various mind stimulants.  Ten miles out of town the highway patrol pulled the van over to the side of the interstate.  The driver quickly jumped out of the van and walked back to the law enforcers to discuss their concerns about his driving.  In the meantime, the other youths were quickly swallowing every form of mind stimulant that they had in the vehicle.  Billy Bob grab 12 joints which were in a container next to him and quickly chewed and swallowed all 12 joints.  Soon the driver returned to the vehicle after receiving a warning from the cops for what they called “erratic driving”.  Since then it has occurred to Billy Bob that it is likely that the police had been tipped off by a police informer on the van’s departure.  Fortunately, the police had no grounds to search the van so the rattled youths continued on their way to the Washington march.

Some hours later, after traveling a couple of hundred miles, the ganja that Billy Bob had ingested had worked it’s way into his bloodstream.  What followed was several hours of rapidly deteriorating behavior.  First, Billy Bob gasped as the ganja’s effects rocketed up his spinal cord and he let out a large WOW.  From there, he progressed to singing various songs with a strange up and down tone.   The singing was followed by his eating an orange and throwing the peels at his fellow travelers.  At this point, the other travelers took direct action and gave Billy Bob a valium.  Soon after Billy Bob went to sleep and his next memory was 500 miles down the road.  I should note that much of this story was told to Billy Bob by the other travelers since he remembers very little of what happened after ingesting the ganja.

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