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As for me, I'm still trying to synthesize my fourteen year tenure (1971 to 1985) into a cohesive thought (whatever that is).  
How does one explain that a fabric cutting table has many more uses other than fabric cutting, how does one find a way to weave into the story how a mechanic and porn star entertain at a company party without (well you know); how to relate that at times SD was more like a dog sitting service.  
It was all of that and much more.  But most importantly it was a group of disparate souls that functioned (most of the time) as a functioning whole. and much more that made it a special place to work.  How we would have a party and the next day be walking on tip toes to avoid bringing up the previous nights trysts.  The special humor of Peter Langmaid (a wonderful person) that kept the more serious issues at bay.
It was all very random, the 70's, creative and wonderful, pre-corporate and all that ****.  I ramble, that's my way.
Bill, Whitney, and half of Steve Langmaid, 1986

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