Bev's Pacific Crest Trail Stories - Intro and Index

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OutInUnder is proud to host Bev Britts' stories about walking the Pacific Crest Trail with her partner Sharky Cornell.  

Why write about the experience?  Bev said, 

"Leaving the trail turned out be an extremely difficult transition. We had to let go of a unique daily life of newness, fatigue, solitude, beauty, ruggedness, intimacy, and accomplishment.  It was really hard to get over it, to not go off the deep end of post 'trailmatic' stress disorder. Some people have created videos; some wrote cartoon, songs, poems, or stories. Many hikers found that they just had to do 'something.' That's what happened for me, as I wrote my memories.  It became cathartic, helping me find a way to both embrace and let go of the PCT. " 

Here's an initial index, with lots more stories coming along.  

1.  Being Sixty on the Pacific Crest Trail

2.  How Did We Make All Those Kickass Miles?

3.  How Did We Prepare Physically for the PCT?

4.  PCT Gear Intro

5.  Bev's A-Z PCT Gear List

6.  What Kind of Food Did We Eat?

7.  What Did We Do Every Day?

8.  Mantras and the Mind, Mantras and the Body

9.  Emotions, Part 1

10. Emotions, Part 2

11. Poignant Happenings, Part 1

12. Poignant Happenings, Part 2



"Ritter Range Pacific Crest Trail" by Steve Dunleavy - Ansel Adams Wilderness

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