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Posting a Story - The Basics


The Basics of Adding a Story - Text

There are two different levels of complexity available to tell a story: beginning, with the fewest possible fields to fill in, and intermediate with a few more. This will get you going on either.


Here are some notes on things to include:

(a note before starting: be sure and hit the save button at the bottom when you're done.)


  • Whatever you want but you gotta have one!


  • The easiest format is text and images. It is always good to include an image of some sort if you can. It's a visual world..  
  • Video and audio are doable. More on that below.
  • To add in image: Click the image icon on the top menu bar in the editor window. (It's located immediately left of the blue link button.) Then click the Upload tab and then, on the next screen, do Choose File. Navigate to the file you want on your computer and then Send it to the Server.
  • This will upload the image to our web server and return you to the Image Info tab. You can OK it here and you're done. You'll notice there are options you can set including size. For more info on those options and a detailed walk through see the Adding Images to Stories page.
  • It's worth noting the Alternative Text box on the Image Info tab. This adds an unseen description of the image. The main folks using that field are seeing-impaired people surfing the net with adaptive techology that reads the screen to them and, also, search engine robots. 

Text Format:

  • Ignore this.

Attachments - Video, Sound, etc....:

  •  Unfortunately, I've yet to discover a plug-in that lets you record directly into the site. You can record on whatever equipment you have, phones included, and upload the results here...or email them to me and we'll figure it out from there. If you're having trouble adding a photo, you can upload that here as well.

Story Metadata:

  • You'll notice that the stories are linked to People, Organizations, Events, and Themes. We're going to process your story and link it up as best we can. If you want to make sure we don't miss anything, tell us about it here.

Be sure and go to the bottom and hit SAVE!!


Folks with more experience on the site gain some more options. 

Organizations, Events, and Themes:

  • Stories can be about predefined Organizations, Events, and Themes. Select the relevant items. Use the Ctrl key to select multiples.


  • Adding people is slightly different. Start typing the first name and the system will try and auto-lookup the person. Then select them.  'Add additional items' to add more people. If the person you want doesn't show up, don't worry about it. I'll review all stories and add anyone into the system that isn't there already and then connect them to your story. You might let me know, though, in the Additional Metadata field.

Group Audience and Group Content Visibility:

  • Stories are published to Groups. A story can be Private, ie only visible to Group Members, or Public, ie visible to everyone.  The Mountain Hardwear Group defaults to Public. (Organizations are different than Groups. More on Organzations vs Groups in the FAQ here.)

Themes, Tags and Additional Metadata:

  • Themes are my baked in by me. I want to limit their number to a few broad themes.
  • Tags are the wild wild west. You can add any that you want separated by commas. If someone (perhaps even you) has already added that tag to another story, they'll be linked.
  • Additional Metadata - if you're frustrated by the lack of a Theme, Event, Person, or whatever then you should tell me about it here and I'll add it in.

Like I said, be sure and go to the bottom of the screen and hit Save!

And Bob's your uncle.


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