Andy Drollinger founded Adventure 16

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Andy Drollinger 1972

I founded Adventure16 in the late 1950's. I was a Ground Support Equipment Designer in the aerospace industry. I was the adviser to an Air Explorer Squadron of the Boy Scouts. I saw backpacking as a fundamental activity the older boy could benefit from. I ran into my first 'Kelty Pack' on a backpack trip into the Sierras with the squadron.

The ergonomic of the Kelty design took some time to soak in. Experience with the G.I. ski pack lead me to idea of interfacing the pack load to the packers body via a extended and padded backband and front strap. 

This was followed with the first Dome Tent using bent fiberglas poles to support a rain fly. Also of my origination was the first Waterbag using a plastic bladder liner. 
I sold the company to Mic Mead. While he had a degree in forestry and was good business man but had no vision as related to the backpacking equipment.

It is my contention the further improvement to A16 after I left was initiated by employees.

I now live in retirement at The Gardens at Kingman Arizona.

- Ralph 'Andy' Drollinger.

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