Alan Tabor / Wendy Walsh: On the Roof

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Alan: [laughing] This is..I don't know...this is like an old joke.

Wendy: Which unfortunately we've just ruined by telling you the ending...

Alan: The punchline.

Gail Williams: That's OK

Alan: But that's ok, see, I've got it recorded so that I can go back and edit it so the punchline comes at the end!

So there's a joke about this guy who goes to Europe for a big trip. You know, they're going to go for months. So the have a camper and everything is set and they leave their house and their house plants and their cat with his brother to help and check on things. And they call every week to find out [how things are.] For three weeks things are fine.

Then in week four his brother says, "Well, I got some bad news. Your cat died."

[He replies:] You should have a little tact!

[Lots of background noise.]

[Brother:] What do you mean?

[Guy:] Look, you don't just blurt something out like that! I mean I was very attached to that cat. It's like the cat's dead: boom! You know.

[Brother:] So what do you want me to do?

[Guy:] OK, well here's what you should have done. You should have said, "The cat's on the roof and we can't get the cat down."

The next time you say, "Well the cat came down but the cat, but it was raining and the cat's sick and we got the cat to the vet."

And the next time you can say, well, you know, "We did everything we could but, you know, Fluffy passed away." And that way, I have some time to adjust and it doesn't just like screw up the whole week!

So [the brother] is like, "OK, OK, OK".

Things go along for a week and he calls and says, "How are things?

And [the brother] says, "Well, Grandma's on the roof and we can't get her down."

<All laughing>

So Jimmy's gravestone says, "Dad's on the roof...

Wendy: and we can't get him down. You gotta say that.

Someone: Wow.

James Lawrence Walsh gravestone

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