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Bears Ears Wilderness, Utah

There is a recent movement to move public lands ownership from the Federal Government to the States. The intent is to actually privatize much of that land. What was once a fringe issue actually became part of the Republican Platform and is being advanced, in particular, by Utah politicians. They are getting significant push back from a variety of sources. See Chouinard and Metcalf's editorials below but, also, the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers.

This issue could easily get lost in the current craziness. We who love the outdoors need to keep that from happening. We urge everyone to get informed and then use your social media influence to help get the word out. We'll try and use our mailing list to keep folks informed. You can join that in the upper left of the page.

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It's ironic that one of the things targeted in this play for public land is the Antiquities Act of 1906, one of Teddy Roosevelt's signature accomplishments. This recent attack on public lands is a weird turn.

Background and coverage - Pacific Standard's Jimmy Tobias...

Background and coverage - other...

Boycotting Utah: The Utah Revolt...

Outdoor Industry Association policy posts...

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Southern Utah Wilderness
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance is asking for help protecting the new Bears Ears monument. Meanwhile Utah tourism (not sure of the agency) is running a lot of vacation ads about the outdoor charms of Moab on Bay Area TV. If anybody knows the contact for those running the ads I'd write them as an outdoors tourist rather than writing a representative of Utah voters, probably. Any clues?
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I added the organization onto
I added the organization onto the resources list. Not sure about local ads.

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