Robert Link on the Cagoule

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The cagoule has become my go to piece in my pack for rain and sleet.

I have bivouacked in it at 9500 ft Moon Rocks on Mount Rainier some 20+ times. I would use my pack as a pillow and pull my feet up then pull the bottom closure of the caguole tight to seal the deal. I would do this when I was living in Bend and guiding for AAI. Due to schedule conflicts I would climb at night to catch up with the group at Camp Muir 10,000 ft.. I would complete the last section of the route at 5:00 am to meet and prepare the clients breakfast. My sleeping bag and other climbing gear I kept stored at Camp Muir therefore the cagoule was essential to me being able to spend the night on the lower mountain.

Here are some points on the cagoule Phil Scott created in collaboration with me in 2013:

  • inexpensive one piece light weight solution for heavily hydrated precipitation
  • two slider chest zipper for ventilation
  • Velcro hood pull back for hood size adjustment
  • slide lock sleeve closures
  • bottom skirt slide lock closure for adjustment in length depending on use ie; biking, spray skirt for kayak or bivouac


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Lee (not verified)
Hi - are they on sale
Hi - are they on sale anywhere?
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Joined: 02/22/12
Lee, unfortunately not at the
Lee, unfortunately not at the moment. SlingFin is contemplating a Kickstarter to fund a production run of them some time in the next 6-8 months. Sign up for our newsletter; I'll be sure an put a mention of that in it when I see it happening.
paul (not verified)
I wonder about the status.
I wonder about the status. Interesting cagoule, interested!
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Joined: 02/22/12
An alert will go out through
An alert will go out through both the SlingFin and OutInUnder newsletters when the cagoule project starts.

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