John Cumming on Mountain Hardwear's Founding

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The founding act of this website was to get the Mountain Hardwear founders that lived in the San Francisco Bay Area together. We interviewed each other, filmed by some friends of mine. I edited it out into individual clips and posted them. Later I added Paige when she was in the area.

This was a good sampling of the founding employees but two big components were not represented: the Sales Reps, who were always critical members of the team not just charged with selling the product after all the design and forecasting was done, and 'The Utah Group', i.e. Ian Cumming and his two sons, John and David. John in particular was instrumental in Mountain Hardwear's founding and early path.

I was delighted, thereby, to listen to this podcast interview with John. It's a great listen. I covers the early days from his perspective. Check it out!

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There's a full transcript here: John Cumming: Passion for Utah and Outdoors.

The podcast is part of an extended series on skiing and Utah by Tom Kelly.

John Cumming

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