Camp 7 Made Amazing Gear

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When the 5th or 6th comment appeared on a Camp 7 story about how folks still love their gear 40+ years later, I thought I best pull them out into their own story. I'll try and keep this updated as comments roll in.

Kim, 12/20/16

My husband has a Camp 7 jacket that still looks like new that he found 35 years ago in a chicken house. He washed it and has worn since!

Paul, 1/30/17

Still have mine that I bought in '74 and wear it to work outside in the winter. Great coat and nothing beats it for warmth

Samuel, 10/10/17

I have my mother's 1978 Camp 7 sleeping bag. She used it to travel the world then, and between 2015 and now i have as well. Still works perfect and is in incredible condition given how hard it has been used over its lifetime. The stories it could tell.....

Stephen, 11/17/17

I just spent a weekend at Yosemite, comfortable in the 30 degree morning temperatures in the Camp 7 parka that I've had since 1979.

Dennis, 11/25/17

My wife and I bought our Camp 7 sleeping bags shortly after we were married in October of 1972. These bags are made incredibly well and both of our bags still look brand new. They bring back a lot of good memories when we did a lot of backpacking back in the day.

David, 1/20/18

Mom bought a Camp 7 down parka in 1979 for a ski trip to Tahoe. I wore it all through college, '90-94. Just pulled it out for a trip up Mt Shasta. It's as good as it ever was - it may outlive me!

Oggi, 3/11/18

In 1976 I passed my Baccalauréat and my dad rewarded me with a Camp 7 down jacket in preparation for the summer in the Parc National des Ecrins! The jacket is still in good condition 42 years later! 


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Rob (not verified)
Hey All, I've had a great
Hey All, I've had a great Camp 7 mummy bag since about 1980, it was my Boy Scout camping bag, and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me more about it. It's a medium green color, measures 93x29 inches and weighs in at 1.93lbs. The tag says it's duck down but this is all the information I have about it. This bag is awesome and no matter what I've thrown at it it just keeps me warm. Thanks for any information you might be able to get to me via this site. Be Well, -Rob
Jeff J in CO (not verified)
In 1977 I was
In 1977 I was enthusiastically backpacking on the Appalachian Trail. I needed a down sleeping bag that was light, warm, and reasonably priced. Camp 7 made one that was perfect. 42 years later, I'm still using it as a summer bag in the Rockies. It's a bit "heavy" by ultralight standards, but I know I can depend on it when the going gets tough! Along with my Camp 7 down vest (a mere 20 years old!) it's cherished gear filled with great memories.
Charlie Brown (not verified)
Found a Camp 7 down jacket in
Found a Camp 7 down jacket in an op shop in Australia last month. Googled, saw your site and bought it instantly for AUD$7 - and have just worn it almost continuously around NZ South Island for 2 weeks. Here’s hoping it is also happy in my life after whatever adventures it has already had.
Andrea Kovalesky (not verified)
Leave a Comment. (Please,
I bought my Camp 7 sleeping bag in Monterey, California, in 1975, when I was stationed as a nurse at Ford Ord. My friends and I used to go camping in the local state parks and after freezing one night with inadequate gear, I bought this sleeping bag which is still in excellent condition today. We now use it to keep our feet warm at night and hope the grandkids will take it on more adventures.
tristan h koepfli (not verified)
Just bragging to my kids
Just bragging to my kids about my Camp 7 duffle bag. Bought it back in 1982 (summer camp) and have had it ever since. Has been to many camps,races and then all 4 of my kids have used it for camp also. Pretty sure you could never buy anythingike this anymore.
Mike McDonald (not verified)
Bought the LONG Camp 7 bag
Bought the LONG Camp 7 bag mummy in about 1979 from Anderson Sporting Goods in Salem Oregon (I am 6'1") - my parents were moderately annoyed at the expense of about $100 as I was between jobs and broke. I used it for years in serious backpacking, moderate climbing and crazy cross country winter car/camping trips through 1988. After that - more crazy car trips, eventually becoming a welcome "comforter" on my bed for many years. Was missing my youth and my Mom tonight- so it is back in its comforter role. Bag is is in Super Nice shape and has never had an issue. One of the best outdoor gear pieces I have ever purchased!
Grey Gallon (not verified)
Going on third generation.
Going on third generation. My mom just gave me two of the Camp 7 bags she's had in her closet in Salem, also purchased from Anderson's Sporting Goods (man, I loved that place). This sleeping bag is about to go backpacking with me and my kids, who will be the third generation backpacking with this bag.
Mike McDonald (not verified)
Thanks! My Camp 7 bag from
Thanks! My Camp 7 bag from Anderson's is being used (again/still) as a comforter on a bed with the windows open to the elements. While the world is not perfect, this big sure is!
Martin Hafner (not verified)
I bought a Camp 7 bivy tent
I bought a Camp 7 bivy tent around 1980 or 1981. It has that simple two hoop design where you have to tension it tight with ground stakes. But it is tiny. Only 2 pounds (0.9 kg). But it is still a two layer tent with an integral rain fly. It uses small diameter fiberglass poles for the hoops. I last used it around 2018 at 8500 feet in a heavy ice fog and wind storm on a Boy Scouts practice backpack-camp-backpack trip to prepare for the upside down version you get at Grand Canyon (down-camp-up). It did great. Some of the other tents got damaged in the wind, but this little tent held off the wind and kept me warm. Small tents are very effective in cold weather. I don't even know the proper name of the model. Does anyone have an old catalog?
Mark Wilde (not verified)
For my 16th birthday I begged
For my 16th birthday I begged my parents for a better sleeping bag, as I was in the Boy Scouts and getting ready to tackle the Appalachian Trail… The Army Surplus chicken feather stuffed excuse for a sleeping bag that must have weighed 10 pounds dry: was Not going to cut it.. So off to the Outdoor Outfitters in Virginia we went: and there I found the Camp 7 Goose Down XL Sleeping Bag: did I mention it was 1974, and I was just about 6 feet tall, but had a feeling I would grow some more. And I did: It must of been all that fresh air and exercise… Today I’m 6’5” and 63 years old: my Camp 7 is still my go-to sleeping bag, and it is in perfect shape… I’d like like to thank my parents for making the huge expenditure of a little over a hundred dollars in 1974, and to the folks at Camp 7: a standing ovation… Wow: if everything in life was made as well as a Camp 7 Product… Thanks So Much for an Incredible Sleeping Bag that must have a million miles on it, and has truly become a family heirloom that I will be passing on to my children when I am dead and gone… Oh if the bag could talk…. The moonless night sleeping under the milky way on top of half dome: Etherial… From the many beaches, to the mountain tops, it was the perfect sleeping bag. Here’s to all the wonderful memories, and others to come: Always with my tried and true Camp 7..


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