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Title Name Post date
Dan Castner - First Days in the Outdoor Industry DanCastner 04/03/17
John Murphy on 60/40 Fabric JohnMurphy 03/31/17
A Review of Product Development for Sierra Designs GeorgeMarks 03/21/17
The Story of the Sierra Designs 60/40 Mountain Parka GeorgeMarks 03/20/17
Reba McWhorter's Green Thumb DerekMitchell 12/14/16
Bob Swanson Stories adminzard 12/14/16
Phil Brown Stories adminzard 12/14/16
Bay Alarm Woody 11/27/16
Bob Swanson in memoriam GeorgeMarks 11/04/16
Bob Swanson - Founder, Designer, Solid Citizen adminzard 11/04/16
Phil Brown - Man of Many Passions AlanTabor 11/01/16
Martin Joins Artists' Breakfast AlanTabor 10/02/16
The Significance of Red Beer Woody 09/26/16
Sierra Designs Employees 1988 YeeLinHuey 08/15/16
Trailblazer: Bill Simon Woody 10/12/15
Mana from the Gods on the Vancouver Trail Woody 05/17/15
George Marks: First Days GeorgeMarks 05/17/15
George's Intro to the Vancouver "Life-Saving" Catalog GeorgeMarks 03/13/15
Introduction to 1972 Sierra Designs "the Bodie" Catalog GeorgeMarks 02/11/15
History of Gear - The Backpacking Revolution: Table of Contents BruceJohnson 02/03/15
Trailblazer: Peter Noone Woody 01/20/15
Mysteries of the Sierra Designs Footsack dougp 12/15/14
Neutral Ground, Exclusive Turf- Eating and Drinking in Berkeley in the Seventies Woody 12/10/14
Fabiano Boots and Me AlanTabor 11/05/14
Fabiano Boots or Cement Overshoes? Woody 11/05/14
Sierra Designs Boycott Resolved AlanTabor 08/12/14
Trailblazer: Jack Gilbert Woody 06/17/14
Sierra Designs Plant Closure - December 1984 AlanTabor 06/15/14
Adventures in Retailing at Fourth and Addison And Beyond Woody 05/30/14
SD Hippies beat Oakland Police for BBall Title Woody 05/30/14
Don't Buy Sierra Designs - 1984 AlanTabor 05/12/14
Weird Ass Sierra Designs Logo adminzard 03/20/14
Classic Down Vest Failure DonBraun 03/17/14
Life at 137 Tewksbury Before Sierra Designs - Get Em Sparky DonBraun 03/05/14
Alive in the Bitter Sea MichaelBradley 02/27/14
Paul Porter on the Sierra Designs after the Mountain Hardwear Exodus Protagonisto 02/20/14
Trailblazer: Don Douglass and Alpenlite Woody 02/15/14
Trailblazers: Bob Swanson Woody 02/07/14
Trailblazers: George Marks Woody 02/07/14
Cagoules Rule adminzard 02/07/14


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